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What’s “Normal” When Setting up a Flu Shot Clinic?

What’s “Normal” When Setting up a Flu Shot Clinic?

Employers, HR specialists and wellness department heads are asking a lot of questions this time of year about what’s “normal” when it comes to setting up a flu shot clinic. We’re here to help guide you as the 2016-2017 flu season approaches. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions before flu season:

When should I set up my flu shot clinic?

Many people begin scheduling their annual clinics in April to July In order to get an ideal clinic date scheduled for end of August to mid October.

Is requiring a deposit normal for most flu shot providers?

Yes, requiring a deposit is normal and helps the flu shot provider secure an appropriate amount of shots.

Why does the flu shot provider require me to pay for unused shots? Is this normal?

Paying for unused shots is normal. When employers and companies order shots from providers, the providers order all those shots upfront from vendors, therefore the provider is out the cost of the shots. This cost is passed to the employers who ordered the shots. In order to ensure you order an accurate amount of shots, see the next question.

How many employees, on average, attend flu shot clinics?

Usually 20-30% of employees attend a flu shot clinic. To ensure you don’t pay for unused flu shots, you can use that average as an estimate, or have your employees fill out a sign-up sheet to ensure the most bang for your buck.