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The Importance of Onsite Flu Shot Clinics

The Importance of Onsite Flu Shot Clinics

When you host an onsite flu shot clinic in the workplace, you are proving to your employees that you care about their health and well-being. You are also protecting your company against illness and absenteeism, preventing temporary personal replacement costs and promoting your company’s productivity all while strengthening your company culture.

Up to 20% of adults get the flu each year and the average employee will miss one week of work due to the flu. The flu shot reduces your chance of getting the flu by 75% and is still the best way to protect yourself and your family against the flu. By hosting an onsite clinic, employees are less likely to take time off work to go and visit their family doctor for the flu shot. And employees who protect themselves from the flu are much less likely to then have to take time off work to care for family members sick with the flu, because by vaccinating yourself, you are protecting your family as well.

Flu season typically starts in October and can last until the following Spring, with peak times from December to February. Now is the time to begin preparing for onsite workplace flu clinics, to ensure your company is protected. For more information on what’s involved with setting up a flu shot clinic, see our tips for Wellness department heads here.

Onsite flu clinics also reduce paid sick time, reduce insurance-paid doctor appointments and prevent office-wide spread of the flu. Use our return on investment (ROI) calculator here to determine how much money you will save by hosting a flu shot clinic.

Employees appreciate a company who cares enough about their health to bring a flu clinic to them. Most people who do not get the flu shot cite scheduling as the number one reason they don’t get the shot. By bringing the clinic to your employees, you provide maximum convenience and eliminate excuses. It’s a win-win!

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