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Midland Health offers a Partner Program that provides customized, turnkey services and special pricing for:

  • Hospital Systems
  • Wellness Coordinators
  • Health Insurance Companies
  • Brokers
  • Large Corporations with Multiple Locations
  • National Wellness Providers, or those who want to have a national reach

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We'll Help Balance Your Wellness Program

You’re outstanding at your core competencies and keeping them in-house makes good business sense. At the same time, you may want to add a new wellness service, but need a specialist to implement the program.

Perhaps you don’t have enough resources to handle a seasonal service, or there are certain aspects of an existing program that are exceptionally burdensome to your in-house team. Midland Health’s Partner Program is here to meet your specific outsource needs and help balance your wellness program.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Services

Sometimes You Need Help

Outsourcing has many benefits, some of which are shown here. Midland Health's Partner Program makes outsourcing affordable and transparent to your clients.

Partner Program Services

On-Site Biometric Testing & Blood Draw or Finger Stick
Flu Shots
HRAs (online or paper, English & Spanish)
Learn Your Levels Reporting (used for outcomes-based wellness programs)
Online Lifestyle Portal

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Select What You Need

It's not an "all or nothing" proposition. Select any of our services. Midland's Partner Program will cover your specific needs.


Partner Program Advantages

Partner Program Advantages

Midland Health's Partner Program provides distinct advantages to the clients we serve. Below are a few examples.


Proprietary Software & Reporting

  • Midland uses a proprietary biometric data collection software system, MoxieMetrics, which is highly secure and very efficient. It allows us to quickly record biometric measurements that result in increased accuracy. It can be customized to upload data to most HRAs for faster turnaround of results.
  • You’ll have use of Midland’s proprietary Learn Your Levels reporting program that can be customized for your use. Both are designed especially for outcomes-based programs.
  • You’ll also have access to the highly rated Wellsource Advantage HRA and lifestyle portal under our licensing agreement with them.
  • We also customize our software systems and services to meet your needs

Partner Program Pricing

  • Partner Program pricing is very reasonable, which allows you to save money and/or make money on services you offer

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Scalability & Flexibility

  • Midland’s Partner Program is designed to accommodate medium to large companies. We have the bandwidth to help you serve clients that are local and nationwide.
  • If you have a large client with multiple locations, some of which may be smaller than 20 participants, we will accommodate them within your program. Midland is also able to screen a single person at their home or place of business, if necessary, for biometrics and blood.
  • We have the ability to print, package and ship paper HRAs for clients with populations who are not internet savvy

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Experience & Higher Standards

  • We’ve stood the test of time. Midland Health has been providing biometric testing since 1988. We’ve been doing HRAs, custom reporting and flu shots for over a decade.
  • We provide highly trained RNs, NPs and MDs to conduct our services on-site, abide by all government safety standards and are HIPAA compliant.
  • We are DBE and WBENC certified and are a 100% woman-owned business.